June 7-8 2023 | Houston, Texas | George R. Brown Convention Center

Industrial Valve Course

October 12th, 2021 - George R. Brown Convention Center 

Industrial valves are complex applications and in order to ensure they perform safely and efficiently, it is crucial to not only understand how a valve works, but also all the processes associated with it, including design, manufacturing, inspection and operation.

Industrial Valve Essentials course focuses on valves as pieces of equipment, exploring how they work and the main types commonly used in the Oil & Gas industry. The course will focus on:

•             Definition of an industrial valve
•             How a valve works
•             Main valve types for Oil & Gas
•             Main parts of a valve and their variations
•             Pressure class rating
•             Materials selection
•             Standards & organizations
•             Selection & application
•             Actuation
•             Installation
•             Operation